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13 Mar 2013

Creative Australia celebrates Australia’s strong, diverse and inclusive culture. It describes the essential role arts and culture play in the life of every Australian and how creativity is central to Australia’s economic and social success: a creative nation is a productive nation.


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6 Feb 2013

When government leaders from across the country met in 2008 to agree to a framework for tackling Indigenous disadvantage, they set ambitious targets to address priority areas for change.

The Closing the Gap framework and the six targets set by the Council of Australian...

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27 Feb 2012

The Prime Minister reports annually on progress in Closing the Gap. This is the fourth annual report, tabled in Parliament on 15 February 2012.

According to the report: "This Closing the Gap report shows that the foundations for overcoming Indigenous disadvantage are now in...

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1 Jan 2011

The Government is committed to empowering regional Australia to reach its full potential and become even stronger and more sustainable in the years ahead.

The 2011"12 Budget supports strong, resilient and creative regional communities through measures targeting health, education and skills, workforce participation, infrastructure,...

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9 Dec 2010

The Australian Government is committed to improving the productivity, sustainability and liveability of our cities. This long-term policy endeavour is vast, complex and should not be underestimated. Urban policy is grounded in a geographic consideration of place and the people that interact with that place....

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16 Nov 2017

The National Food Waste Strategy provides a framework to support collective action towards halving Australia’s food waste by 2030.

The strategy contributes toward global action on reducing food waste by aligning with Sustainable Development Goal 12—ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns—in the United Nations...

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29 Sep 2017

The Register of Foreign Ownership of Agricultural Land (the Agricultural Land Register) was established to provide greater transparency about the level of foreign ownership of Australia’s agricultural land.

The Commissioner of Taxation reports annually to the Treasurer on the operation of the Register of...

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23 Aug 2017

This resource outlines the Australian government's response to the report by the Senate Environment and Communications References Committee, in relation to the inquiry into oil or gas production in the Great Australian Bight.

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23 Aug 2017

This report identifies the need for a framework to underpin all digital procurement across government. This framework would simplify a range of agency practices and include reforms to digital (including ICT) panels.

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20 Jul 2017

The National Cities Performance Framework will support all governments to better target, monitor and evaluate cities policy. It will be key to the government's commitment to continuous improvement through City Deals.

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Research report

5 Feb 2016

Examines how young people are now engaging online, the devices they use and the services and activities that draw them online.

Summary The internet is an integral part of the lives of young people in Australia, with most going online regularly to learn,...


4 Feb 2016

Contains data on the numbers of schools, students, and staff involved in the provision or administration of school education in government and non-government schools.

Summary All full-time and part-time students. Between 2014 and 2015, the number of students enrolled in schools in Australia...

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2 Feb 2016

Provides an overview of the health sector, presenting both contextual information and high level performance information.


This sector overview provides an introduction to the Health section of this Report, comprising primary and community health (chapter 10), public hospitals (chapter 11) and...

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1 Feb 2016

Define's and clarifies what trauma-informed service delivery means in the context of delivering child/family welfare services in Australia.

Summary This paper aims to define and clarify what trauma-informed service delivery means in the context of delivering child/family welfare services in Australia. Exposure to...

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29 Jan 2016

This report lists 290 tax expenditures and, where possible, provides an estimate of the dollar value or order of magnitude of the benefit to taxpayers.

Introduction A tax expenditure arises where the actual tax treatment of an activity or class of taxpayer differs...