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As abuse culture escalates, what ethical framework governs the digital age?

26 Oct 2015

The spotlight has been turned on the technology industry as stories of toxic work environments emerge and user frustration with online abuse builds. The Minefield considers whether this is an inevitable part of digital disruption—and whether we should opt out altogether.

These days our lives are saturated with tweets, likes, hashtags, memes and gifs—but it's more than just ephemera. Platforms like Facebook, Google and Twitter are now the dominant forms of distribution for news content. In many 'digitally disrupted' industries like the media, online engagement can be a non-negotiable part of employment.

There has long been a kind of grudging acceptance that online abuse comes with the digital territory. But as the human toll is counted, and as tech employees shed light on toxic work environments, questions are being asked about the ethical framework that governs our digital age.

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