Liam Nevill

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17 March 2017

Report of a formal dialogue which examined cybersecurity issues and how best to manage them in a cooperative manner.

21 December 2016

This report is an overview of the conceptual and practical challenges that the Australian Army will face in an effort to both exploit and secure its cyber capabilities.

27 September 2016

Assesses the approach of 23 regional countries to the challenges and opportunities that cyberspace presents, in terms of their governance structure, legislation, law enforcement, military,...

27 July 2016

This paper examines the application of deterrence concepts to cyberspace, discusses cybersecurity implications for broader deterrence frameworks, and makes policy recommendations.

26 October 2015

Provides a depth of information and analysis that  builds a deeper understanding of regional countries’ whole of nation approach to cyber policy, crime, and security issues, and identifies...