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Sandra Gifford

Sandy Gifford is Professor of Urban Anthropology in the Centre for Urban Transitions. Her research focuses on forced migration, refugee settlement and the uses of digital technologies among forced and undocumented migrants in urban transnational contexts. Her background is in medical anthropology and her research has addressed ethnicity, gender, migration, settlement and health in Australia, India and Malaysia.  She has expertise in ethnographic longitudinal studies using a mix of methods from standardized surveys and in-depth interviewing to digital media, film and participatory art based methods.






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31 Jan 2018

This research suggests the single most effective strategy for achieving digital inclusion in Sarawak is to provide remote villages with reliable, affordable, publicly accessible internet infrastructure.


30 Aug 2011

Between 2008 and 2010, the SettleMEN study followed a cohort of 233 recently arrived men from refugee backgrounds living in urban and regional areas of South East Queensland with the aim of documenting their health and settlement experiences. This report presents the key findings of...


31 Oct 2009

This report describes the key findings of a longitudinal study (2004—2008) investigating the experiences of settlement among a group of 120 recently arrived young people with refugee backgrounds settling in Melbourne, Australia.


A study of how resettled youth with refugee backgrounds access, interpret and implement sexual health information
15 Dec 2008

This study identifies issues that are specific to young people with refugee backgrounds, due to their experiences of forced migration and displacement and to the challenges of the post-migration context in Australia.


30 Mar 2008

This report aims to make a useful contribution to national debates about the directions of refugee resettlement policy, with a particular focus on recent Victorian experience and policyimplications.

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31 Jul 2007

Asylum seekers go through an extensive assessment process in Australia. Those who are found not to be refugees are removed from Australia by process of law. For those who are seriously ill, removal is a particularly distressing event, leading to a future heavy with the...


An analysis of hospital admissions between 1998/99 and 2003/04 from the Victorian Admitted Episodes Dataset
15 Sep 2006

This report is one of the first to investigate acute health care service utilisation amongst a population from a refugee background in Australia. It compares hospital admissions and related outcomes between Victorian residents born in a number of refugee-source countries and those born in Australia....

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