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21 Jan 2018

This report recommends significant changes to Tasmania’s criminal justice system, including using communication experts (intermediaries) to assist victims, witnesses and defendants who have communication needs to communicate with police, lawyers and the courts.

Discussion paper

20 Dec 2017

This issues paper, reviewing the the Guardianship and Administration Act 1995 (Tas), covers the laws relating to people with disability, unable to make decisions about their personal and financial matters or medical treatment.

Research report

12 Jul 2017

This report outlines the need for reforms to Tasmanian legislation around the indefinite detention of ‘dangerous criminals’.

Briefing paper

5 Jun 2017

This issues paper considers the law on consensual assault in Tasmania.

Discussion paper

17 May 2017

This issues paper considers a new approach to the problem of repeat drink driving through the introduction of a specialist, problem-solving court.

Discussion paper

9 May 2016

This issues paper investigates a new way to ensure equal access to justice for all Tasmanians. It discusses the feasibility of instituting a communication assistant/intermediary scheme in Tasmania for people with complex communication needs involved in the criminal justice system to enhance their ability to...

Research report

25 Jan 2016

The TLRI has released Final Report No 22, Bullying . The Report considers what role the law should play in responding to all types of bullying behaviours, including cyber-bullying, and questions whether the current legal regime in Tasmania can provide appropriate redress for victims. The...

Research report

7 Jan 2016

The Tasmania Law Reform Institute releases Final Report No 21, Problem Trees and Hedges: Access to Sunlight and Views , which examines the law as it relates to disputes between neighbours about trees and hedges on one property that obstruct the access of sunlight to,...

Research report

2 Nov 2015

This report considers the circumstances in which a person can lawfully use force in self-defence, in particular how the law should treat mistaken beliefs in the need for self-defence arising from delusions caused by mental illness, heightened perceptions of danger produced by psychological factors, intoxication...

Discussion paper

18 May 2015

This issues paper examines the adequacy of current legal frameworks in Tasmania that are potentially able to address bullying behaviours, including cyberbullying. It considers reform options including the creation of a criminal offence of bullying, the extension of the functions of the Anti-Discrimination Commissioner and...

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