New to Indigenous health? Dietetics and nutrition with Indigenous communities: a starting point

1 Oct 2015

This resource is intended for dietitians and nutritionists who are new to the area of Indigenous health in Australia and would like to learn more about working with this diverse cultural group. The resource is not just for students or new graduates; it is applicable to dietitians and nutritionists with any level of experience who are looking to learn more about working with Indigenous Australians.

This resource has been written with the intention of providing a starting point for your continuing professional development (CPD) and reflective practice in this area. You can use this as a framework for your CPD over time. There are seven topics which have been designed to flow in order. Each topic is briefly outlined along with suggested readings and practical activities. Indigenous communities are complex and heterogeneous, and so the practical activities included ask you to reflect on your own background and beliefs, deepen your understanding about the communities that you are working with, and identify their specific needs.

Working with Indigenous people and communities can be a challenge but it can also be incredibly rewarding. Indigenous culture in Australia is rich and has a long history. The opportunity to experience this first hand is a privilege that few Australians are afforded and your role can contribute to the improvement of health for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Basic structure of the resource:

  • Overview of the topic
  • Readings
  • Practical activities for you to complete.
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