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19 Sep 2017

The Australian government has announced it will develop a national Digital Economy Strategy, which will focus on ways that governments, businesses and the community can adjust to seize the benefits of digital transformation.


Version 2 July 2017
31 Jul 2017

The booklet supports the objectives of the National Innovation and Science Agenda's 'Global Innovation Strategy' by encouraging Australian researchers and businesses to collaborate with international counterparts and leverage opportunities and expertise to gain access to global markets.

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30 Nov 2016

The report identifies that the strongest performance results are achieved by businesses that innovate repeatedly. They outperform other businesses in terms of sales, value added, employment and profit growth.

Compared with non-innovative businesses, innovative businesses have reported:

3 times more jobs/positions 1.4 times...


18 Nov 2016

The Global Innovation Strategy will improve Australia’s international innovation and science collaboration by aligning existing and new initiatives with the desired outcomes under the National Innovation and Science Agenda.

The strategy addresses known vulnerabilities and challenges through international collaboration and startup support and shifts...

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5 May 2016

The Internet has transformed our lives, from the way we work to the way we access entertainment. In many countries, it has become almost ubiquitous and soon a majority of the world’s population will be connected.

Along with Australia’s free trade agreements, the Internet...

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Australian resources — providing prosperity for future generations
21 Sep 2018

This report presents the recommendations of the Resources 2030 Taskforce to significantly enhance the performance and competitiveness of Australia’s resources sector. The taskforce’s ambition is to create a successful, technologically advanced, forward-looking sector that is able to attract and cultivate the best and brightest people....


22 May 2018

The Minister for Jobs and Innovation, Michaelia Cash, has released the Turnbull Government’s response to ISA’s 2030 Plan.

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Improving the effectiveness of compliance and enforcement systems for the building and construction industry across Australia
2 May 2018

This long-awaited report into the compliance and enforcement systems for the Australian building and construction industry has been released, after being presented to the Building Ministers' Forum in late April 2018.

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6 Dec 2017

This report examines Australian high-growth firms (HGFs) and their relationship to innovation. HGFs are defined as firms that experience rapid growth over a three year period, measured in terms of turnover, employment and research and development expenditure.

Research report

22 Nov 2017

Using a large firm-level dataset covering the years 2002 to 2015, this paper explores the dynamics of entrepreneurship in Australia and their evolution over time.

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1 Sep 2016

Globally floods cause widespread damage and loss of life and property. An analysis of global statistics conducted by Jonkman (2005) showed that floods (including coastal flooding) caused 175,000 fatalities and affected more than 2.2 billion people between 1975 and 2002. In Australia, floods cause more...

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