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17 Jun 2003

Situational crime prevention is a primary prevention measure, directed at stopping crime problems before they occur. It focuses on reducing crime opportunities rather than on the characteristics of criminals or potential criminals. Situational prevention seeks to reduce opportunities for specific categories of crime by increasing...

Research report

3 Jun 2003

Although "crime reduction" and "crime prevention" are essentially the same things -- combinations of actions designed to eliminate and/or minimise the occurrence of crime and the harm associated with it - they do imply slightly different goals. This edition of AICrime Reductions Matters, a fortnightly...

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1 May 2003

The sexual exploitation of children, both males and females, has only been officially acknowledged in the last few decades. One of the key issues is the experiences of child complainants of sexual abuse in the justice system. An AIC conference sought to provide academics, researchers,...


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10 Jul 2018

This paper uses twenty-five years of data from the National Homicide Monitoring Program to describe the characteristics of homicide incidents perpetrated by offenders aged 10–17 years.


5 Jul 2018

This paper examines sentencing and treatment practices for juvenile sex offenders in Australia and the challenges of reconciling the imperatives of rehabilitation, accountability and community protection.


3 Jul 2018

The findings from this research support tailored prevention efforts for adolescents and adults. Emphasis should be placed on primary and secondary prevention efforts that are currently less developed in Australia, compared to tertiary responses.

Research report

15 Jun 2018

This report uses interviews with victims of forced marriage, community members, and government and non-government stakeholders in Australia and New Zealand, to describe the perceptions and realities of forced marriage.


8 Jun 2018

New South Wales, like Australia overall, has experienced a large decline in crime since 2000, yet little is known about its causes. This study explored this decline through a developmental criminology lens by examining two birth cohorts involving all those born in New South Wales...

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