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Discussion paper

29 Nov 2017

This discussion paper is about the use of scenario analysis by companies and other financial actors to manage, disclose, and regulate climate-related risks and opportunities in Australia. It suggests how Australian practice can be consistent with our international climate commitments under the Paris Agreement and...


5 Dec 2016

As Fabians we believe in harnessing the power of the state to drive social and economic progress, and to protect our community and environment from exploitation.

Now, more than ever we need a skilled and motivated public sector to continue the social democratic project...

Research report

3 Dec 2015

Grand Alibis is built around one key question: has contracting out services improved the public sector’s capability to address persistent disadvantage and meet complex needs? It argues that outsourcing has eroded the experience, skills and policy toolkits that the public sector needs to develop...

Discussion paper

12 Aug 2015

From vicious to virtuous cycles argues that farmers at the leading edge of sustainable, regenerative farm businesses are opening up exciting new opportunities for better economic and ecological performance in Australian agriculture. The report suggests that this requires breaking out of a vicious cycle...

Research report

15 Apr 2015

Budgeting smarter not harder proposes a balanced, sustainable, and effective fiscal consolidation package. The report highlights that the Government's approach to fiscal consolidation, throught the 2015 Intergenerational Report (IGR), is illusory. The 2015 IGR fails to provide a long-term sustainable approach to strengthening future...

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