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20 Aug 2018

This document outlines the Victorian government’s response to the inquiry into fuel prices in regional Victoria, and responds to each of the committee’s three recommendations.


20 Nov 2017

This statement describes the Victorian Government’s response to the threat of terrorism.


10 Aug 2017

This report looks at a range of work that is underway across the disability, health and ageing sectors to strengthen and safeguard the rights of vulnerable Victorians.


5 Jul 2017

The Victorian government has released new details of Australia’s first Support and Safety Hubs, which will be established in Victoria to protect women and children from violence.


1 May 2017

Victoria’s first family violence workforce census gives workers the opportunity to have a voice on the key issues affecting them and to shape the 10-year Family Violence Industry Plan (10) .

Questions relate to demographics and occupational data, qualifications, access to professional development, workload,...

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Recognising and supporting Victoria’s carers
26 Jul 2018

This strategy aims to provide a framework for the many undertakings and investments the Victorian government has already made to support carers, as well as future work to address the things that matter most to carers.


11 Jul 2018

The Victorian government acknowledges findings of historical abuse within state government institutions and the ongoing psychological and physical harm suffered by many survivors. The Victorian government is taking responsibility to ensure that these failures to protect children never happen again.


21 Jun 2018

This report outlines key programs and initiatives in multicultural affairs from 1 July 2016 to 30 June 2017 across Victorian government departments.


13 Jun 2018

Victoria's infrastructure strategy has updated, as progress continues on Victoria’s key infrastructure projects. New initiatives have also been included, reflecting the ongoing investment in maintaining Victoria’s liveability and prosperity.

Annual Report

6 Jun 2018

The Victorian disability plan recognises that much needs to be done. It also recognises that the best way to measure progress will be to look at the outcomes experienced by people with disability over time across areas such as health, education, employment, housing and safety....

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Data portal

31 May 2017

In this portal, you can access an updated set of Family Violence Database dashboards containing interactive visualisations of key measures of family violence, detailed Excel data tables with these key measures available to download and explanatory materials and definitions for the information in these pages....


8 Jun 2016

Asset confiscation is a tool that Victoria’s law enforcement and public prosecution agencies use in response to criminal activity. There are three key agencies that work together to achieve the objectives of the Asset Confiscation Scheme—Victoria Police, the Office of Public Prosecutions and the Department...


26 May 2016

A poorly targeted and disproportionate public transport fare enforcement system unfairly punishes many travellers in an attempt to snare a small number of recidivist evaders, according to an investigation by the Victorian Ombudsman, Deborah Glass.

Tabling an Investigation into public transport fare evasion enforcement...


23 Mar 2016


This audit examined the effectiveness of the health sector in preventing and responding to inappropriate behaviour including bullying and harassment.

Inappropriate behaviour including bullying and harassment have significant consequences—for individuals, patients and health sector agencies. This audit focused on the effectiveness...

Discussion paper

16 Mar 2016

The Victorian Government today released the state’s draft water plan 'Water for Victoria' for consultation. The draft plan outlines the need to balance agricultural, industrial, recreational and environmental needs, to get the most out of one of our most precious resources. The plan recognises that...