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23 Nov 2017

It is well recognised that gambling can result in diverse negative consequences for many gamblers, as well as those around them and the broader community. This study aimed only to assess the costs associated with gambling.

Research report

13 Apr 2016


The aim of this project was to systematically investigate gambling-related harm in Victoria and assess the aggregate 'burden of harm' with reference to different levels of problem gambling, and other comparable conditions.

The project used a standard public health methodology endorsed...

Research report

15 Dec 2015

This research investigated consumers' perspectives on the use of online and venue-based electronic gaming machines (EGMs).

Interviews with recent EGM gamblers showed that the social aspect of gambling was important for many, reflecting their choice to gamble in a venue. This was also seen...



15 Dec 2015

Funded through a foundation grant for clinical research on gambling, this project aimed to create guidelines to help members of the public assist people with gambling problems.

The guidelines cover:

warning signs talking to a person with gambling problems about their concerns dealing...

Research report

3 Dec 2015

A randomised controlled trial was conducted to examine the effectiveness of four psychological treatments for problem gambling:

cognitive behaviour therapy motivational interviewing behaviour therapy client-centred therapy.

The study, one of the largest ever conducted examining treatments for problem gambling, also included a qualitative component...

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