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Paris Climate Summit: catalyst for further action?

20 Nov 2015

The Paris climate negotiations will seek to establish an agreement for a new common international framework which facilitates stronger domestic policies for limiting pollution. For the first time, this agreement will call for domestic actions from all countries – a critical step toward keeping warming below the 2°C threshold.

This Policy Brief, is the first Australian analysis of possible outcomes from the upcoming Paris climate summit, to be held from 30 November to 11 December.

The brief, Paris Climate Summit: Catalyst for further action?, outlines three broad possible outcome scenarios for Paris – ‘Catalyst’, ‘Momentum’ and ‘Patchwork’, and explores key issues like what success in Paris looks like, what are the hot button political issues, scenarios for possible outcomes, and what role Australia can play to have positive impact on the negotiations.

Critically, it also explores the environment external to Paris and the impact this will have on ongoing action to address climate change at an international level.

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