Billie Giles-Corti

First Name: Billie
Last Name: Giles-Corti
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Journal article
17 January 2017

Experimental evidence on the role of the built environment for promoting physical activity is important for informing how to create cities that promote active living. This case study of a natural...

Journal article
1 June 2016

Spatial data are rarely used to understand barriers and facilitators of accessing employment, so from a policy perspective it remains challenging to plan cities that provide equitable...

Journal article
1 April 2016

Victorian local governments are required to develop Municipal Public Health and Wellbeing Plans that incorporate state-level health planning priorities and address the social determinants of...

Literature review
15 December 2015

This literature review looks at the evidence on the impact of both poor quality and good quality apartment design on the health and wellbeing of residents.

Conference paper
11 December 2015

Integrated planning across multiple sectors is essential for creating healthy communities, where jobs, shops and services are accessible from homes via walking, cycling or public transport. This...

4 December 2015

This evaluation of the Western Australian Government's Liveable Neighbourhoods Design Code shows that government policies and planning initiatives play a vital role in creating cities, towns and...

3 December 2014

Outlines the development of a Transport Walkability Index. This could be used by decision-makers to identify areas for renewal to increase local walkability; and to monitor progress towards...

Conference paper
29 November 2013

There is increasing Australian and international interest in integrated planning that promotes health and wellbeing. Melbourne is experiencing unprecedented rapid population growth, especially in...