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5 Oct 2015

A diverse, independent media is seen as central to a functioning democracy yet tight government regulation in Australia has failed to ensure a plurality of voices.

Since the mid 1980s, while media ownership has steadily been deregulated, it has also become more concentrated....



20 Mar 2014

As part of the Arts for all Queenslanders Strategy development, Stuart Cunningham proposes a working concept of innovation for arts and cultural sector.

Innovation is an overworked buzzword, a cliché which any serious thinking person can see through immediately. If that is...



31 Oct 2013

The creative economy could fuel Australia's next boom

By Stuart Cunningham , Queensland University of Technology

Australia is richly blessed with an abundance of resources which, along with robust legal, business and political infrastructure, has allowed it to pull through tough times...



7 Mar 2013
Mining a different type of boom: the growth of Australia's creative services

By Stuart Cunningham , Queensland University of Technology

There is much gnashing of teeth about Australia’s two speed economy and warnings about the so-called “Dutch disease” – a resources-driven boom that...


25 Oct 2011

CCI supports the federation government’s initiative to develop a National Cultural Policy, the first since Creative Nation in 1994.

From the wide raft of aspirations, intentions and possibilities embodied in the Discussion Paper, this looks to be much more than business-as-usual in cultural policy....

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24 Aug 2011

Essentially, the story of the CCI has been to give substance to the link between creative industries and innovation, to explore its implications for our core academic discipline fields and several policy domains and, working with industry and community, to assist in its application in...



6 Apr 2011

The explosion of online content creation is one of the contemporary wonders of the world but where is the Australian content? asks Stuart Cunningham .

User-generated content (UGC) and their applications are by far the largest type of online content, both now and in...

Research report

25 Mar 2011

The Creative Economy report card of 2011 is a snapshot of Australian creative economy indicators.

Creative industries are advertising and marketing; architecture and design; visual arts; film, TV and radio; music and performing arts; publishing; software and digital content.

Research report

28 Jan 2011

Australia should seek new and liberating ways to bring together the arts, popular culture and the creative industries, according to this report.

The report, funded by the Australia Council for the Arts and prepared by Professor Justin O’Connor of the Creative Industries Faculty at...

Research report

19 Aug 2010

What does the Australian census tell us about how artists earn their living?

Comparatively speaking, today we live in a statistical paradise, with local and global data on just about any aspect of the production, distribution and consumption of culture. The data capture, mining...

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