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Research report

1 Aug 2016


In Australia and internationally the health care system is challenged by increasing demand on all care sectors, an aging population with a growing incidence of chronic and complex conditions, higher expectations by consumers, and an ageing health workforce. There is an increasing...


24 May 2016

The 2016-17 Budget presents a sad story about the level of commitment of the Turnbull Government to Indigenous Affairs. Even as the 2016 Prime Minister's Report on Closing the Gap shows progress towards this goal has stalled, addressing Indigenous disadvantage is not listed as a...

Discussion paper

27 Nov 2015

This paper proposes a sustainable model of General Practice and primary health care at a time of significant primary health care reform and change. Within the context of the creation of Primary Health Networks (PHNs), the release of the National Review of Mental Health Programmes...


7 Jul 2015

The impacts of the 2015-16 Budget must be assessed in light of the previous Budget, which casts a long shadow.

ACOSS estimates that, combined, the two budgets strip approximately $15 billion / 4 years from basic services and supports that affect low and middle...

Briefing paper

23 Jun 2015

The 2015-16 Budget from the Abbott Government has no major announcements on Indigenous issues, but it is far from benign in its support for Indigenous programs. Advocacy groups say it has failed to undo the damage done and anxiety caused by funding cuts in last...

Discussion paper

15 Jan 2015

Growing out-of-pocket health care costs are creating barriers to essential care for many Australians and arguably leading to increased hospital costs. Over time they will undermine the universality of Medicare and widen health disparities in our community. Despite this, the Abbott Government is intent on...

Research report

24 Sep 2014

This analysis looks at the health and related provisions in the Australian Government’s 2014-15 Budget. This is done in the light of current and past strategies, policies, programs and funding, and is supported, where possible, by data drawn from Medicare, the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme, reports...

Research report

30 Jun 2014

Indigenous Australians will be hit hard by the 2014‐15 Budget, argues this paper.


This analysis looks at the Indigenous provisions in the 2014-15 federal Budget. This is done in the light of current and past strategies, policies, programs and funding, and...

Research report

26 Jun 2013

In a tough political and budget year with several major initiatives to be funded - most notably the Gonski education reforms and the National Disability Insurance Scheme, now known as DisabilityCare Australia - the health and ageing section of the 2013-14 Budget has fared reasonably...

Discussion paper

29 May 2013

This paper presents the author’s analysis of the Indigenous provisions in the Australian Government’s 2013-14 Budget in the context of current and past strategies, policies, programs and funding support. It also looks at the implementation and impact of the Commonwealth’s Indigenous Chronic Disease Package. This...

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