Donna Chung


14 Sep 2017

This report presents the results of a qualitative study examining the experiences of women seeking help for domestic and family violence who live in regional, rural, and remote areas in Australia.

Research report

14 Sep 2017

This study engaged with five different types of social and geographical locations at sites in South Australia and Western Australia to explore how isolation affects different women’s abilities to seek assistance and cope with experiences of domestic violence.

Research report

30 May 2016


This research project provided a national mapping and meta-evaluation of the key features of “safe at home” programs. “Safe at home” programs enhance safety and prevent homelessness for women and their children who have experienced domestic and family violence.

The first...

Research report

28 Jul 2015

Summary: This state of knowledge paper discusses the history and development of "safe at home" approaches, and the corresponding policy and practice context. It outlines current safe at home approaches in Australia and overseas and common program elements across jurisdictions.

The paper presents...

Journal article

26 Feb 2014

Policy analysts have devoted considerable time to examining the problem of the policy implementation gap, with one important strand in the literature following Michael Lipsky’s work on street-level bureaucracy and discretion. In this paper, we aim to contribute to the literature concerning shifts in government/third...

Journal article

4 Apr 2011

Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to assess the applicability of relational contract theory in situations where government departments contract with non-government welfare organisations to deliver human service programmes. Its limits are highlighted by an assessment of programmes for domestically violent men that...

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