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15 February 2017

This tool has been designed to help New Zealand policy practitioners articulate their policy skills profile.

15 February 2017

This tool has been designed as a team planning and development tool for policy managers in the New Zealand public service.

31 January 2017

The Policy Project collaborated with the Government Economics Network (GEN) committee to facilitate workshops following the 2016 GEN conference on ‘People and Policy – how to make better and...

22 August 2016

This document describes how the Policy Skills Framework was developed, provides key insights learnt along the way and advice on how to put the framework into practice.

22 August 2016

Sets out what makes for a high performing policy shop – with lines of inquiry to assess factors like stewardship (investing in capability for the future), systems and processes for delivering...

15 June 2016

Responds to our future challenges and guides us towards delivering on our increasing commitments to Government, while maintaining our business as usual at the high standard expected of us. 

10 December 2015

This strategy sets out what government will do, working in partnership with the private sector, to prevent and respond to a range of cyber security threats.

1 September 2015

During 2015 and early 2016, New Zealanders will consider options for the national flag.

Briefing paper
29 October 2014

Driven by New Zealand Prime Minister John Key and Deputy Prime Minister Bill English, these papers outline preliminary discussions by Cabinet towards a referendum process to consult with New...