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21 Feb 2018

The 2017 Corruption Perceptions Index highlights that the majority of countries are making little or no progress in ending corruption, while further analysis shows journalists and activists in corrupt countries risking their lives every day in an effort to speak out.


5 Dec 2017

Transparent and accountable mining can contribute to sustainable development. Thisbegins with corruption-free approvals – the very first link in the mining value chainwhen decisions are made about whether, where, and under what circumstances topermit mining, including who is awarded licences or contracts.

Research report

23 Feb 2017

This research, published with Transparency International, measures the progress made by five key countries in implementing the G20 Anti-Corruption Open Data Principles.

These principles, adopted by G20 countries in 2015, committed countries to increasing and improving the publication of public information, driving forward open...


25 Jan 2017

Transparency International's latest corruption perceptions index shows more countries declined than improved in this year's results, showing the urgent need for committed action to thwart corruption.

Over two-thirds of the 176 countries and territories in this year's index fall below the midpoint of our...

Research report

11 Oct 2016


From the politician to the patient, corruption is part of doing business in the healthcare sector all over the world. Corruption is pervasive within healthcare to the extent it has become normalised.

Information collected from a literature review, key informant interviews,...


28 Jan 2016

Australia and New Zealand have both slipped two places in the last year on this league table of 168 countries, Australia to 13th place while New Zealand is now ranked the 4th cleanest country in the world.

Research report

10 Oct 2011

This report assesses the efforts made by OECD members to curb bribery practices and global corruption.

This is the seventh annual Progress Report on Enforcement of the OECD Convention prepared by Transparency International (TI), the global coalition against corruption. The OECD Convention on Combating...

Research report

1 Aug 2006

National integrity systems function to ensure that power is exercised in a manner that is true to the values, purposes and duties for which that power is entrusted to, or held by, institutions and individual office-holders. This report by Dr AJ Brown looks at how...

Research report

16 Jul 2003

A deep and widespread crisis in political legitimacy emerges from the first-ever Global Corruption Barometer. Nearly one third (29.7 percent) of those polled saw the elimination of corruption from their political parties as their paramount concern. The courts (13.7 percent) and the police (11.5 percent)...

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