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Research report

1 Jun 2017

This report provides an overview of the key concepts in defining neglect and a systematic review of reviews investigating the common risk factors for neglect.

Journal article

15 Dec 2016

A mixed-methods pilot study was undertaken to (1) to gain insight into children's experiences using a children's rating tool and structured interview process, developed in this study; and (2) to determine the feasibility of conducting research with children aged 12 years and under at the...

Journal article

15 Jan 2015



This paper describes a six-year large scale implementation of the Signs of Safety practise framework in a complex statutory child protection context in Western Australia. The case study documents both the practitioner-led and organisational-led implementation journey as part of the State's...

Journal article

15 Dec 2013

Practice guidance for child protection services emphasises the need to engage children and support them to understand what is happening and why, to provide their perspective on events and to have input into decision-making (Centre for Excellence in Child and Family Welfare, 2011; Cossar, Brandon,...

Journal article

31 Aug 2010


Increasing numbers of families arriving through Australia's humanitarian settlement scheme are coming into contact with Australian child protection systems. A large number of these families come from African and Middle Eastern countries and have common experiences of trauma, dislocation, loss and many...

Journal article

11 May 2009

Excluding very severe child abuse cases, biological parents are usually encouraged to maintain contact with their children in care. Parent-child contact is often considered important because it can maintain the child's psychological identity and well-being. It can also maintain parent-child attachment and in some cases...

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