Ian McAuley


Ian McAuley's research and teaching interests are in the fields of public sector management and public policy.
He has qualifications in Engineering (BE) and Management (Dip Bus Mgt) from the University of Adelaide and public administration (MPA) from the John F Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University.

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20 Sep 2016

We’re paying too much for a bloated financial service sector.

A prominent example is Australia’s largest health insurer, Medibank Private, which in the last financial year absorbed just over a billion dollars of contributors’ premiums in management overheads and profits – $511 million as...



17 Aug 2016

An opinion poll published last week reveals a political division cutting across traditional party loyalties and pointing to a possible populist rejection of economic openness.


9 Jun 2015


As the dust settles on this year’s federal budget, the Fifth Estate turns its eye to matters economic with Ross Gittins, economics editor of the Sydney Morning Herald, and public policy experts Miriam Lyons and Ian McAuley.

While the Federal Government...


28 Feb 2012

John Menadue and Ian McAuley look at how government handouts to the private health insurance industry put subsidies to the auto industry in the shade.


16 Sep 2010

In recent years politicians and journalists have limited their concerns to rolling off the words “rural and regional” as if alliteration is a substitute for meaning. In fact, those words are meaningless, because every part of Australia, from Toorak to Penrith to the Pilbara can...

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