Kerry Lewig

First Name: Kerry
Last Name: Lewig
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Working with vulnerable families; Child abuse and neglect; Child protection; Child protection practice frameworks, services and systems; Child protection research methodologies

15 December 2016

The aim of this paper is to offer some guidance to the management of child protection and related services by drawing on occupational health literature.

Journal article
15 January 2014

In a period where unprecedented means of knowledge transfer and exchange provide unique opportunities to improve the lives of children and families, this paper draws on studies which explore the...

Journal article
30 November 2010

This paper analyses primary documentary sources and in-depth interviews to explore the role of research in the process of child protection policy development.

Journal article
31 August 2010

This paper examines why recently arrived families from refugee backgrounds are presenting in the South Australian child protection system and to identify culturally appropriate strategies for...

Journal article
27 May 2010

This paper explores the reform process that culminated in the proclamation of the Victorian Children, Youth and Families Act, 2005 and represents an aspect of the response in Victoria to...

Journal article
11 May 2009

This paper will review group-based approaches to working with biological parents whose pre-school-aged children have been placed in care.