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Blog post
8 March 2017

This preliminary research found significant spatial variations across Melbourne in the match between people's jobs and skill levels.

9 January 2017

This article explores how economic productivity and growth are enhanced by infrastructure, how government investors can generate revenue infrastructure projects and how communities build the...

Technical report
14 December 2016

The idea of using value capture to fund infrastructure projects is gaining momentum in urban policy discussions in Australia.

6 December 2016

Results of estimates of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) for each major capital city and region across Australia. Includes a summary of results, a detailed discussion of the economic performance of...

10 November 2016

The aim of this report, and its accompanying interactive maps and data files, is to highlight the local government areaas at the greatest risk of natural perils and demonstrate how this risk...

2 June 2016

New research released by SGS Economics & Planning has revealed the spatial distribution of economic growth for all 150 federal electorates.

14 February 2016

This report highlights that Sydney and Melbourne are driving the national economy.

12 February 2016

This report promotes a long-term view of infrastructure planning and the many variables affecting economic, environmental and social outcomes is required to avoid ‘path
dependency’ and an...

16 August 2006

Fixing Houses for Better Health projects target the improvement of houses and household living conditions in remote and rural Indigenous communities, using a method knowing as 'housing for health...