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5 Dec 2017

This research suggests that in 2016-17, Sydney and Melbourne drove the national economy, while Perth is in recession.

Research report

15 Nov 2017

To illustrate the situation for vulnerable groups, this release continues to assess the rental affordability situation for eight Australian household types, with a focus on aged and key worker cohorts.

Research report

1 May 2017

This release of the Rental Affordability Index (RAI) highlights that pensioners and working parents have been priced out of the rental market in all metropolitan areas across Australia.

Research report

16 Mar 2017

Executive Summary

It’s cheaper to provide last resort housing to homeless people than to leave them sleeping rough, a new cost-benefit analysis has found.

The analysis found governments and society benefit more than they spend by providing last resort housing to homeless...

Blog post

8 Mar 2017

This article describes preliminary research into gender and spatial inequality across Metropolitan Melbourne. A key question for city productivity is whether people are able to access job opportunities that match their skills. This research looked broadly at the occupations and income of both men and...



9 Jan 2017

SGS recently delivered a workshop on City Deals, the Australian Government’s partnership model for the delivery of infrastructure projects by federal, state and local governments. With a focus on how to make City Deals relevant to Australian communities, we looked at the Australian Government’s Smart...

Technical report

14 Dec 2016

Infrastructure Australia has scheduled the preparation of a value capture policy paper and has commissioned SGS Economics and Planning to provide a technical advice paper to inform the policy work.

IA’s brief requested a technical paper that will:

- Define the value capture...

Research report

6 Dec 2016

Australian cities are orphans. Responsibilities for management of their economy (in terms of taxation, planning, infrastructure provision, regulation and economic development) fall between all tiers of government. Official statistics tend not to recognise the importance of cities, with economic data often not published at that...

Research report

10 Nov 2016

Australia is at growing risk from a range of natural disasters including tropical cyclones, bushfires, storms and floods. If unmanaged, these risks will significantly impact our resource and knowledge-led economy, and damage homes, businesses and infrastructure and put lives at risk. Since settlement, a number...



2 Jun 2016

New research released by SGS Economics & Planning has revealed the spatial distribution of economic growth for all 150 federal electorates. The analysis shows that areas with strong concentrations of knowledge intensive industries are performing well, namely electorates in the eastern suburbs and north shore...

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