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31 Aug 2017

People living with dementia and carers experience embarrassing situations, feel strongly disconnected, feel less competent and sometimes feel useless, this survey has found.


15 Jun 2016

Know someone with Dementia? This site is for you.

Summary A guide to help children and adults deal with family members suffering from dementia.


16 Mar 2016

The Dementia Enabling Environment Project (DEEP) Virtual Information Centre provides practical tips, guides and resources to help make the places where we live more dementia enabling. This will encourage a person with dementia to lead as full and independent life as possible. These can be...

Research report

15 Oct 2014

This report outlines the prevalence of dementia and modifiable risk factors in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

Executive summary

The high rate of dementia in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities requires urgent attention. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people experience...

Research report

16 Jun 2014

This report identifies a range of strategies to improve the outcomes for people with dementia.

Executive summary: Australia is facing a huge healthcare challenge with an ever increasing demand for appropriate acute care services for people with dementia. Yet, people with dementia still...

Research report

9 Apr 2014

Action on preventative health could lower the risk of dementia for future generations, argues this report.

Executive summary

The world-wide projections of the prevalence of dementia in the coming decades have been a source of great concern to health systems and societies...

Research report

11 Nov 2013

This paper discusses concerns about the quality of care in a minority of residential aged care facilities, and puts forward strategies to address them.

Executive summary: Over 222,000 people received permanent residential aged care services in 2012 with over 2,700 residential aged care...

Research report

30 Sep 2012

This report looks into the current research regarding dementia and Alzheimer's disease prevention and offers ideas for possible future solutions.

Prevention of dementia is the ultimate aim of a large, albeit under resourced, international research effort. The success of this effort would have enormous...

Research report

30 May 2012

The aim of this report is to provide the evidence base for evaluating the level of expenditure by the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) on research funding (including research, people support and infrastructure) related to dementia, in comparison to research funding for other...

Research report

11 Apr 2012

The Department of Health and Ageing (DoHA) commissioned Alzheimer’s Australia to conduct a series of consumer consultations in response to the Productivity Commission’s report Caring for older Australians. Sixteen consultations were held nationwide, as well as an online survey for those unable to attend. Approximately...

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