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Research report

17 Oct 2018

This report concentrates on the water sources commonly used by extractive industries in the process of extracting resources lying beneath the surface–that is, underground water sources. The report examines the environmental, social and economic impacts of water extracted in this process, and the current regulatory...

Research report

16 Oct 2018

Pet owners have high expectations regarding the quality of domestic and imported pet food that they purchase.

Research report

20 Sep 2018

This report recommends that the Australian government ensure that Austroads has adequate funding to undertake research and consultation activities to inform the establishment of a nationally consistent regulatory framework for motorised mobility devices.

Research report

20 Sep 2018

As a result of this inquiry, 29 recommendations have been made, which aim to ensure that appropriate strategies and responses are swiftly implemented to stimulate the growth of the marketplace and ensure that all NDIS participants have timely access to the necessary and reasonable support...

Research report

19 Sep 2018

This report supports the current review that the Australian government is undertaking into Australia’s liquid fuel security and urges the government to fully explore the links as it assesses the adequacy, reliability and affordability of Australia’s physical oil stocks.

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Research report

24 Jun 2015

Acknowledging that the NDIS alone will not be able to solve the issues faced by young people in nursing homes, this review makes 12 recommendations including establishing a joint taskforce to ensure the recommendations are put in place.



Research report

19 Mar 2015

One in three Australian women have experienced physical violence since the age of 15 and almost one in five have experienced sexual violence. A study of Victorian women demonstrated that domestic violence is the leading preventable contributor to death, disability and illness in women aged...

Research report

27 Nov 2014

Residential housing has been, and will always be, an issue that is at the forefront of community debate and discussion.

Owning your own home is part of the great Australian Dream. For many it represents the opportunity to build a future, it represents connection...



13 Nov 2014

Chinese President Xi Jinping will be making a short visit to Tasmania following his participation in the G20 meeting in Brisbane and his address to a joint sitting of the Australian Parliament on 17 November. The choice of destination is unusual and certainly not one...

Research report

14 Jul 2014

Australia’s drone industry is booming. The number of certified commercial operators has risen dramatically in recent years, and the increasing capability and usability of drone technology has seen a huge rise in the number of businesses and consumers purchasing and using drones.

Drones, or...