Christopher B. Daniels

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29 Nov 2016

Ecological literacy is founded upon knowledge and understanding about how the ecological systems of the Earth function and support life. A widespread concern that levels of ecological literacy within many contemporary human communities are inadequate to enable effective decision-making about sustainable ways of living led...

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3 Mar 2016

Knowledge and understanding about how the Earth functions and supports life create the foundation for ecological literacy. Industrialisation, urbanisation and population growth have resulted in changed relationships between many human communities and the natural world. A potential consequence is a compromised capability to make well-informed...

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22 Jul 2015


Like other developed countries, Australia grapples with the education of its citizens, particularly the scientific aspects of global environmental problems that require well-informed literate citizens and an urgent need for more scientifically literate knowledge workers. This paper takes this crisis as a...

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9 Jun 2015

Green Infrastructure is the network of green spaces and water systems that delivers multiple environmental, social and economic values and services to urban communities. This living network strengthens the resilience of urban environments to respond to the major current and future challenges of climate change,...

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