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How do Western Australia's social enterprises meet their financial challenges?

4 Apr 2016

This is the fourth publication from the Bankwest Foundation Social Impact Series and includes analysis of the first wave of data collection from the Social Enterprise Financial Resilience project. 

Significant interest in this project from social enterprises arose following the public presentation and delivery of Snapshot Report 2 (Resourcing Social Enterprises: Approaches and Challenges, August 2015). Several participant organisations mentioned that this initial report sparked their interest in participating in the research project as case studies.

The purpose of this report is to present initial findings from the first wave of data collection from participant case studies. It builds upon the findings of the initial review, digging deeper into the issues it raised and re-telling the ‘lived experiences’ of social enterprises and social entrepreneurs in Western Australia. This report thus deepens our understanding of the significance of broader issues identified in the literature to social enterprises in Western Australia. It reports on how these organisations resource their businesses and respond to resourcing challenges. In particular, the findings suggest that social entrepreneurs and managers devise a series of formal and informal strategies to obtain and sustain finance and support from various sources. 

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