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Richard Sambrook is Director of the Centre for Journalism and Professor at Cardiff University. He spent thirty years as a journalist in BBC News, including ten years on the board of management as Director of Sport, Director of News and Director of Global News. He was also Global Vice Chairman of Edelman - where he was a consultant on media to numerous global organisations.

24 March 2017

In the adrenaline-charged chase for information during a major breaking news event, the temptation for news organisations to overreach in the hope of exclusivity and impact can be too great,...

11 November 2016

In the aftermath of Donald Trump’s election, the US media has embarked on a flurry of self recrimination. Much of what they discuss applies equally to the UK media and the problems with news...

7 April 2016

Traditional television viewing is falling, and the rapid rise of online video viewing continues. What action should television news providers be taking to evolve effectively in a digital age?

4 April 2016

The reporting of the Panama Papers – which has been based on a massive global analysis of documents leaked from law firm, Mossack Fonseca, outlining how the world’s elite use tax havens,  is a...