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Australia's cyber security strategy: enabling innovation, growth and prosperity

21 Apr 2016

Australia’s Cyber Security Strategy sets out the federal government’s philosophy and program for meeting the dual challenges of the digital age—advancing and protecting our interests online. A secure cyberspace provides trust and confidence for individuals, business and the public sector to share ideas and information and to innovate online.

There is no infrastructure more important to our future prosperity than an open, free and secure Internet. The security threats faced are real and they are growing in severity and frequency. Although Australia makes advances in cyber security, so do our adversaries. 

This strategy addresses how we can continue to protect ourselves and be more resilient to malicious cyber activity—as individuals, businesses, governments and as a nation. 

The strategy complements the key elements of the Turnbull Government’s Economic Plan—helping the transition to a new and more diverse economy, fuelled by innovation, the opening of new markets and more investment in Australian enterprise.

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