Paul Osmond


3 Aug 2017

This document provides practical guidance for built environment professionals and regulatory agencies seeking to optimise development projects to moderate urban microclimates and mitigate urban heat island effects in major urban centres across a range of climates in Australia

Journal article

19 Dec 2016

Local and global climate change increases the ambient temperature of cities by several degrees with important consequences on energy consumption, health and the economy. Advanced urban mitigation technologies contribute to decrease the ambient temperature and counterbalance the impact of urban heat islands. The present paper...

Conference paper

11 Dec 2015

This paper proposes a methodology and a conceptual framework for evaluating green infrastructure performance. This proposed framework combines three key themes: ecosystem services, human health and wellbeing and ecosystem health.

Conference paper

1 Jan 2015

An urban ecosystem is a dynamic system. Therefore, regular monitoring through the use of measurable indicators will enable an assessment of performance and effectiveness. This paper presents a conceptual framework to facilitate the development of an inclusive model for the sustainability assessment of green infrastructure....

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