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8 Feb 2018

The National Construction Code is a ready-made policy instrument to influence the energy efficiency of new buildings and major renovations. Improved building energy efficiency presents a win-win-win solution, reducing stress on the electricity network and supporting a least-cost pathway to decarbonisation while also delivering cost...

Policy report

26 Sep 2017

The objective of this paper is to outline how the operation of the built environment can best contribute to the supply of diverse housing that supports affordable living outcomes.


12 May 2016

As a signatory to the Paris Climate Change Agreement, Australia has committed to reaching net zero emissions by around 2050. Australia’s built environment contributes almost a quarter of Australia’s emissions, offering a significant opportunity for emissions reduction.

The Low Carbon, High Performance report provides...

Research report

15 Dec 2008

This 2005 report was commissioned to provide an overview of the role of ICTs on young people's social relations, to provide a framework for understanding the ways in which ICTs impact on their health and wellbeing and to recommend possible initiatives within the Mental Health...

Research report

17 Feb 2008

For commercial buildings there are four main types of water that need to be considered, these are potable water, greywater, blackwater and stormwater. Potable water is generally defined as 'water which is suitable for human consumption' (Australian Standards, 2003) and is commonly referred to as...

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