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Research report

29 May 2017

This report provides details of the research undertaken in 2015-16 to develop and test the Australian Community Care Outcome Measurement tool (ACCOM), a set of measures of community care suitable for use in the Australian context.


16 Jun 2016

In this lecture, A/Prof Ross Gordon looks at the use of narrative within social marketing and social change. He discusses the use of social marketing within the Energy+ Illawarra energy efficiency project.

Research report

24 Sep 2003

This report by Rose Melville focuses on the organisational demography of peak bodies, some of the challenges to their roles in policy making, democratic citizenship and representation. A major theme to emerge in the study is the systematic delegitimisation of peaks as 'representative' bodies for...

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Conference paper

3 Dec 2017

This paper describes the development and calibration of a model developed for the Illawarra region to aid regional planning for transport, housing and jobs.

Conference paper

22 Nov 2016

Purpose / Context - The characterisation of the residential building stock existing in Australia in terms of attributes relevant to energy performance is increasingly an important task for planning and policy purposes. There is a lack of information and documentation on the energy performance characteristics...

Journal article

10 Jun 2016

In this article we examine how Pacific Island Countries (PICs) successfully championed a stand-alone Ocean Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) goal at the United Nations (UN).

Research report

5 Sep 2015

Presents new estimates of intergenerational earnings elasticity for Australia.

Introduction Economic inequality has been the subject of debate for centuries , with research and analyses spanning from the code of Hammurabi, to the contributions of Plato and Aristotle, St. Thomas Aquinas, J.J. Rou...

Audio interview

11 Jun 2015

Technology is changing the way newsrooms around the world operate, with drones, virtual reality and even games all now being used to report on stories. But there's more - robots could soon be writing your news.

The Associated Press in the US has employed...