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8 Feb 2018

This report provides an introduction to community-owned renewable energy. It includes Australian and international examples to show that this is a growing and important sector.

Briefing paper

12 Oct 2017

This paper looks at policies that Australian governments can implement to overcome the structural barriers that offer incentives to support electric vehicles.

Policy report

13 Jul 2017

This report outlines some demand-side solutions that use energy more wisely, which could potentially secure hundreds of megawatts of electricity supply.


Journal article

15 Mar 2017

Technological progress has transformed solar PV from an alternative technology in the 1970s, to cheap, mainstream energy today. Australia has been a leading solar PV nation, with more household solar systems than any other country.

Solar has become highly popular in suburban and country...



2 Aug 2016

We want to put forward a new idea, framed in response to a recently published essay titled Balancing Act, by George Megalogenis, the Australian author and economics graduate. Our idea is that renewable energy provides the perfect act of renewal for the democratic state at...

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