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Penny Timms joined the ABC in 2007 as a weekend breakfast and sport presenter in Outback Queensland. She soon crossed over to the ABC's news department, and has worked at bureaus in Mount Isa, Townsville, and Darwin. Penny left the ABC in 2013 to travel to London where she worked as a freelance reporter and producer, including with BBC News. She relocated to the warmer climes of Sydney in mid-2015

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8 Sep 2017

Respected journalist, Peter Luck, has died after a long and painful illness.


17 Mar 2017

An increase in Australian investors wanting their retirement funds to go into the stocks of ethical companies means change is afoot within the nation's finance industry.

The latest move has come from AMP Capital, which has announced it's banning investment in companies that manufacture...


22 Feb 2017

The life expectancy for people living in the developed world continues to rise, with South Korean women soon expected to live, on average, beyond 90 years. Odds are also good for Australians, with a life expectancy of 84 years by 2030.

In Australia, the...

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22 Jul 2016

Australia's agricultural industry estimates the economic impact of wild dogs nationally to be between $50 million and $60 million per year. One sheep producer fears the problem is intensifying, as wild dogs look for new areas to inhabit. A draft plan to tackle the problem...


1 Jun 2016

An industrial fight between retail workers and their union is escalating. The Fair Work Commission has ruled that a workplace agreement, struck between a union and Coles, means some workers are worse-off than if they were under the award wage. Now, a worker from Woolworths...

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