Jim Stanford


Jim Stanford is an economist and Director of the Centre for Future Work at the Australia Institute.

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Briefing paper

4 Dec 2018

This briefing note reviews the data on average wage and salary levels in the private sector.


What it is and what to do about it
29 Nov 2018

Written for a general audience, the essays in this book offer many insights into one of Australia’s most pressing economic and social issues. They highlight the key point that wage stagnation is a problem with multiple causes and dimensions. It will not fix itself, but...


21 Nov 2018

This special report looks at the use of digital surveillance and monitoring in Australian workplaces. 70% of respondents said their employers use at least one form of digital surveillance or monitoring, including cameras, GPS tracking, monitoring internet or social media activity or counting keystrokes, to...


5 Nov 2018

Consumer education, self-regulation by banks, and even stronger enforcement efforts by government regulators all have failed to curb incidents of financial misconduct and unethical behaviour. This submission provides a possible solution that has so far been overlooked - sector-wide collective bargaining to establish uniform, ethical...

Briefing paper

2 Jul 2018

Reduced Sunday and holiday penalty rates for retail and hospitality workers have failed to ignite the 'boom' in employment, as promised by employer groups who supported the change.

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