A better way

27 May 2016

The number of people seeking asylum worldwide is at crisis levels as war and persecution force more people to leave their homes than ever before. The current approach by the Australian government, including turning boats back to Indonesia and detaining people in cruel camps on Nauru and Manus Island is at a stalemate with people continuing to languish in detention with no meaningful prospects of resettlement. The Australian Labor Party offers no genuine alternative to the government as they are committed to maintaining offshore processing and boat turn-backs.

The Australian Greens offer a unique proactive alternative for the fair and efficient assessment and resettlement of people seeking asylum which ensures they are treated with respect and dignity and integrated into our community. Importantly, the Australian Greens policy will ensure that people’s safety is paramount. By increasing our humanitarian intake and adequately funding organisations in the region, the Australian Greens will create a fair system whereby people’s claims are processed efficiently and they are flown to Australia from Malaysia and Indonesia. People will no longer face the impossible choice of getting on a leaky boat.

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