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27 Feb 2016

The annual 2015 ACUADS conference was hosted by the School of Art, Architecture and Design at the University of South Australia and Adelaide College of the Arts (TAFE SA). Keynotes were given by Brian Parkes (CEO, Jam Factory) and Nick Mitzevich (Art Gallery of South...

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3 Apr 2014

We start from the premise that the active involvement of media audiences is a powerful tool for enhancing their experience. Therefore, it is plausible to think that it also has the potential to enhance their engagement with content, brand and creators. We argue here for...

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31 Oct 2013

Audience interaction with art works, especially in public environments, encourages, is even premised upon, an apprehension of the work where agency is (at least) two-fold and two-way. Interactivity proposes an engagement with a situation that is disruptive of the art work and the relations around...

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30 Aug 2012

In its requirement for both an author and reader art can be considered a participatory activity. Expanded concepts of agency, such as in actor-network-theory (Latour 2005), question what or who can be an active participant, allowing us to revisit the debate on authorship from a...

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31 Aug 2011

An interesting perspective about cyborg-like technology, such as brain implants and augmented reality spectacles. It may seem like science fiction, but these are technologies that are closer than you imagine. This paper addresses the implications of implantable brain technologies and offers insights into how information...

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