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Research report

20 Jul 2016

These are the official New Zealand Government guidelines to provide clarity on how government agencies can make their software open source.

Government agencies invest significantly in software development and often own the copyright in the software that they develop or that is developed for...

Discussion paper

31 Jul 2015

New Zealand is a seismically active country. Our communities are exposed to the perils that come with this, namely earthquakes, volcanic and hydrothermal activity and tsunami. We also regularly suffer from landslips, storms and floods as a result of our weather and geography. When these...

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17 Jul 2018

These guidelines will help councils with their compliance, monitoring and enforcement (CME) responsibilities under the Resource Management Act.

Policy report

6 Jul 2018

This Policy Statement updates New Zealand’s strategic Defence policy settings to reflect the Coalition Government’s foreign policy and national security priorities.

Policy report

28 Jun 2018

This policy statement on land transport reflects a new approach to transport through four clear priorities: a safer transport network free of death and injury, accessible and affordable transport, reduced emissions, and value for money.

Discussion paper

27 Jun 2018

This discussion paper summarises MBIE’s findings from the review of the Credit Contacts and Consumer Finance Act 2003 (CCCFA).


6 Jun 2018

The New Zealand government has received a report outlining the need for a wide range of reforms to speed up the resolution of outstanding Eathquake Commission (EQC) claims. The report reveals sizeable issues with staffing levels, data quality, record keeping and organisational culture and structure...

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20 Mar 2017

The Government has set 10 challenging results for the public sector to achieve over the next five years.


Reducing long-term welfare dependence

1. Reduce the number of people who have been on a working...

Research report

10 Jun 2016

This report compares provision, participation, and student performance in courses delivered by e-learning methods with courses that do not use e-learning. This is analysed at a system, sub-sector, and field of study level, as well as by ethnicity, age, full-time, part-time, and extramural status....

Case study

Systematic review

10 Jun 2016

This New Zealand study explores the education and employment experiences of young people born in 1991. The main purpose of the study is to explore the kinds of employment and labour market measures that can be derived from data in Statistics New Zealand Integrated Data...



3 Jun 2016

This Action Plan was developed as a way of addressing the need to provide sustainable, high-quality pharmacist services in a complex and evolving environment.

This Action Plan was developed as a way of addressing the need to provide sustainable, high-quality pharmacist services in a...

Annual Report

3 May 2016

This is the sixth report in the New Zealand Maternity Clinical Indicators series, with a focus on women giving birth and babies born in the 2014 calendar year.

The New Zealand Maternity Clinical Indicators present comparative maternity interventions and outcomes data for pregnant women...