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15 Mar 2018

The focus of this audit was to determine if agencies had suitable policies and practices in place for the management of gifts received. Gifts were defined as any item of value, including goods, services, money or hospitality offered to or received by an employee, without...


30 Nov 2017

This report outlines why the Western Australian Auditor-General feels there is still time for Tourism WA to achieve its goal of doubling tourism spend - although it will be challenging.


Report 12
29 Jun 2017

This important report reveals the common information system weaknesses that can seriously affect the operations of government and potentially compromise sensitive information held by agencies.


19 Oct 2016

The traditional linear ‘make, use, dispose’ economy drives economic growth but also creates waste in vast quantities. Western Australia’s (WA) waste production was estimated at over 2.4 tonnes per person in 2014-15. WA is not only a very high producer of waste on a per...

Research report

17 Aug 2016

The use of information and communication technology (ICT) in public education is steadily increasing, with greater focus in the national curriculum and the introduction of online testing of students. This audit assessed if the Department of Education (DoE) knows what ICT public schools need to...

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