Kathleen Heugh


Associate Professor Kathleen Heugh is a socio-applied linguist who specialises in bilingual and multilingual education. She currently co-ordinates UniSA’s English Additional Language major, in which she has embedded contemporary translanguaging pedagogy and research.




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A case study of two Catholic schools
16 Mar 2018

While this project was based on two case study schools, the practices described in the framework can be used by all schools supporting students from refugee backgrounds who are undertaking their senior secondary school certificate of education.


3 Feb 2017

This report project examined ways to build multi-stakeholder capacity that would result in returning pupils to primary schools at the end of a 30-year period of war and conflict.


15 Sep 2016

Global mobility has dramatically changed the demographic profile of universities in predominantly English-speaking countries. Many international students choose study abroad opportunities in countries such as Australia where there are also many local students with diverse linguistic backgrounds. However, the plurality of languages, cultures and knowledge...


15 Sep 2016

An increasing number of international students are studying in higher education in English-speaking countries, and many local students come from backgrounds where English is not their primary language. This is significant when we consider that as graduates, these students will be required to live, communicate...


30 Nov 2013

The First Language Maintenance and Development (FLMD) program has been in place in the Department for Education and Child Development (DECD) since 1985 as an initiative which was part of the implementation of two language policy reports: Voices for the future (Languages Policy Working Party,...

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