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Discussion paper

22 Feb 2018

This discussion paper argues that the perception of corruption in Australia will continue to rise while allegations of corruption are either not investigated or are investigated entirely behind closed doors.

Discussion paper

1 Feb 2018

The Tasmanian Integrity Commission (Tasmanian IC) has major design flaws that render it far less effective than the NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption (NSW ICAC) in exposing systemic corruption, writes Hannah Aulby.

Discussion paper

10 Jan 2018

Australia has fallen six positions on the international Corruption Perception Index since 2012, and recent polling shows 85% of Australians think there is corruption in federal politics.

Discussion paper

20 Dec 2017

3600 MW, or 14% of coal and gas generation failed during the February 2017 heatwave. Report calls for the National Energy Guarantee (NEG) to require “heat safe” back-up for coal and gas plants.

New analysis shows that coal and gas failed to provide energy...

Discussion paper

30 Nov 2017

This paper argues that Australia’s reliance on an ageing fleet of coal and gas power plants that are unable to cope with increasing temperatures and more frequent heatwaves is the single greatest threat to the energy security of our electricity system.

Discussion paper

1 Sep 2017

This discussion paper suggests that the Australian mining industry is dominated by foreign corporate interests that are spending hundreds of millions of dollars influencing our political process.

Discussion paper

14 Aug 2017

This paper argues that to ensure any corruption and misconduct in our federal government and public sector is investigated and exposed, a federal anti-corruption commission will need strong investigative powers, broad jurisdiction similar to the New South Wales ICAC and other successful state-based commissions, and...


21 Jul 2017

This report shows that a federal ICAC may not be effective in exposing or investigating corruption and misconduct unless it holds public hearings.

Research report

28 Jul 2016

Between 2010 and 2015 the Liberal Party of Australia and the Queensland Liberal National Party accepted over two million dollars in political donations from mining companies seeking approval for six highly controversial mining projects in Queensland.

While these companies sought approval and legislative changes...

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