Jerry T. Parwada

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10 Aug 2016

An important component of the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision's framework of capital measurement and capital standards is the public disclosure of regulatory information (referred to as “Pillar 3” within the framework). The standard sets minimum requirements for the public disclosure of information on banks’...

Working paper

30 Apr 2016

This paper investigates the impact of mandatory risk disclosure on the design of foreign bank debt. The Basel II and III Accords require the public disclosure of bank regulatory information under the Pillar 3 or market discipline framework. The new information details bank risk exposures...

Working paper

30 Nov 2013

In this paper we examine the role of Basel Pillar 3 risk reporting in improving market transparency. Pillar 3 reporting requirements vary widely across countries; most banks in Europe release Pillar 3 risk reports annually after their annual reports are published and information contained in...

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