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20 Aug 2013

LAST week, the ABC’s Fact Check unit joined two similar projects – Politifact, the Australian branch of the longstanding US organisation, and the Conversation’s Election FactCheck – in the election campaign fray. Late to the party, the ABC’s unit also faces pressures that its two...

19 Aug 2013

RECENT interview meltdowns by election candidates must make some voters wonder how people like this can secure preselection – or even consider putting themselves forward for public office – and whether this kind of ineptitude is a recent or longstanding phenomenon. A case certainly exists...

19 Aug 2013

PUBLIC debate about misogyny in Australian politics peaked in October last year after Julia Gillard let rip in parliament, and it surged again as we came to terms with the fact that our first female prime minister had been booted out of office because of...

8 Aug 2013

WHILE we might softly applaud this week’s call by Richard Vines, a former director of the Victorian Labor Party’s fundraising arm, Progressive Business, for greater transparency in campaign donations, his proffered reforms are wholly inadequate. In fact, the United States – hardly a bastion of...

5 Aug 2013

THE Palladium, a seventeen-storey residential tower under construction on Adelaide’s Light Square, is being marketed as the city’s “most indulgent address.” Potential residents have been invited to express their interest in acquiring one of the fifty-four “luxurious,” “sophisticated” and “exclusive” apartments.

Just metres away,...

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