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17 Oct 2013

IT WAS the fourteenth day of the trial. The two men in the dock, charged with murder, were young Aborigines; the dead man was white. If found guilty the accused would go to gaol for life, which in the Northern Territory means a minimum mandatory...

17 Oct 2013

EXACTLY sixty years ago, at just twenty-two years of age, Rupert Murdoch joined the board of the Adelaide-based newspaper company, News Limited, and set about creating first one powerful media company, and more recently two, in which he continues to play central roles. Murdoch has...

10 Oct 2013

The failure of the Labor Party to tear itself apart after its defeat last month provides a stunning contrast with the acrimony that followed its last such disappointment in 2004. Indeed, there has been more sweetness and light over the past few weeks than after...

8 Oct 2013

THE 2013 election outcome could only be described as mixed for the Australian Greens. The party achieved something rare among minor parties – having not only won a lower house seat at the previous election, it also successfully defended it this time around. But the...

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2 Oct 2013

Review Details Date: 2 October 2013 Author: Annabelle Sheehan Publisher: Inside Story Owning Institution(s): Swinburne University

Book Details Title: Screen Distribution and the New King Kongs of the Online World Publisher: Palgrave Date Published: 2013 Author/s: Stuart CunninghamJon Silver

From Thomas Edison’s short...

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