Policy skills framework: how it was developed, insights along the way and applications

22 Aug 2016

This framework is one of three developed by the Policy Project in collaboration with the New Zealand policy community. The delivery of high quality responsive policy advice requires an ongoing supply of policy professionals with a common set of transferable core knowledge, policy skills and behaviours. The Policy Skills Framework (PSF) is a common description of the knowledge, skills and behaviours required of the modern policy professional. Rather than focusing on competencies, the framework outlines the mix of skills policy practitioners need. It allows for varying levels of experience in each component (from developing to expert/leading) acknowledging that individuals have different strengths (skills breadth and depth). 

This document describes how the framework was developed, provides key insights learnt along the way and advice on how to put the framework into practice.

Together, the frameworks, and the tools that have been developed to sit under them, provide an infrastructure for improving policy quality, skills and capability.

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