Research report

9 Sep 2016

In 2014, 151 young people in Australia aged between 5 and 19 years died by suicide. Many organisations and individuals are working hard to develop strategies that will make a difference, but the voices of young people are often missing from the conversation.


Discussion paper

14 Mar 2016

The incidence of young people in long-term unemployment continues to increase. Contemporary research and discussion is lacking in detailed strategies and interventions to specifically assist this group. This paper highlights the experiences and issues of young people in long-term unemployment by presenting data trends, reviewing...

Case study

7 Dec 2015

Mentoring is under the spotlight as a strategy to address the high rates of unemployment and low rates of job retention in Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. One federal government funded strategy has injected $6.1 million dollars into Job Services Australia (JSA, now...

Discussion paper

15 Oct 2015


In 2013, 2,522 people died by suicide in Australia. Twenty-two of these were children aged 5- 14 years, 148 were adolescents aged 15-19 years, and a further 200 were young people aged 20-24 years. Although the suicide rate for children and adolescents...


17 Jul 2015

Parentline is a confidential telephone service providing professional counselling, education and support to parents and others who care for children and young people. The service operates from 8am to 10pm seven days a week and is available to residents of Queensland and the Northern Territory....


1 May 2015

BoysTown’s Expressive Therapies Intervention (BETI) is a trauma and attachment informed creative arts and play therapy intervention. The initiative is targeted at young children with emotional and behavioural problems stemming from exposure to traumatic life and family experiences, including attachment trauma. It aims to improve...


13 Apr 2015

Kids Helpline has been operating for 24 years and is Australia’s only 24/7 counselling and support service for children and young people. This report (first resource link) provides an annual statistical overview of the Kids Helpline service. It includes 2014, and where relevant, short-term trend...


1 Sep 2013

This study examined the tangible and intangible 12 month outcomes achieved by disadvantaged young people participating in an alternative learning program in regional Australia. It combined desk research, qualitative interviews and psychosocial measures to assess the program’s effectiveness. The report shares these findings along-with nine...

Research report

20 Apr 2009

During 2007 Kids Help Line received 571,936 telephone and online contacts.

This report highlights the key issues about which children and young people sought help or support through telephone, email and web counselling. Individual reports are also available for each Australian state...

Research report

The Parentline service provides benefits to both parents and to children living in Queensland and the Northern Territory. Parents report that the service assists them in developing confidence in how to manage parenting issues and concerns, offers reassuring and professional information and it provides an...

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