Research report

Strategic industries development around the Western Sydney Employment Area (WSEA)

31 Aug 2016

The purpose of this project has been to identify and scope with key stakeholders, potential new strategic industry development activities in and around the Western Sydney Employment Area that could be developed, both directly or indirectly, based on existing or future supply chain capabilities and current/future growth opportunities with a new airport planned within the next 10 Badgerys Creek.

Greater Western Sydney (GWS) is one of the fastest population growth regions in Australia with 4 million out of 7 million estimated to be living in the region by 2051. At present there is major concern about Sydney being a more balanced, more equitable, and well-connected city of cities particularly with respect to jobs, transport and access to education, amenities and infrastructure. New industry growth is urgently needed to build a new innovative economy to support and maximize the national investment return around the future airport and simulate the growth of more higher-paid jobs closer to home.

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