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Per Capita is an independent, progressive think tank, dedicated to fighting inequality in Australia. We work to build a new vision for Australia based on fairness, shared prosperity, community, and social justice.

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3 Sep 2014

Humanity is ageing rapidly and is doing so at a far greater rate than at any time in history. Until this century, wars and disease caused many early deaths but thankfully the world has largely left these tragedies in the past. Yet we are now...

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20 Sep 2018

This report paints a picture of unemployment and employment services in Australia in 2018. It is based on four complementary pieces of research that have been combined to present a full picture of the main employment service in Australia - jobactive.

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26 Mar 2018

This research, commissioned by Anglicare Australia, shows that each year, a staggering $68 billion in taxpayer dollars, greater than the cost of Newstart, disability support, or any other benefit, is spent keeping the wealthiest Australian households wealthy.

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28 Feb 2018

This report argues that the time for a reckoning is here. The government must intervene to secure the hard-fought-for right of Australian workers to receive a living wage in return for their labour.


20 Jul 2017

This new research shows that women’s average superannuation balances at retirement are less than half of men’s.

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16 Aug 2017

Ageism isn’t the only barrier keeping older workers out of jobs (full article)

Governments internationally are pushing out the ages at which pensions can be claimed and influential bodies such as the OECD are pointing to the inevitably of longer working lives as...

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9 Jun 2015

According to a new survey out this morning, Australians no longer feel over-taxed.

In fact, many of us say we would pay more taxes if the money was spent on public services like health and education.

That's the main finding of the 2015...

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