Strategy to safeguard the rights of older South Australians: action plan 2015-2021

19 May 2015

This Action Plan is a key outcome of Strategy to Safeguard the Rights of Older South Australians 2014-2021.

To quote the South Australian Charter of the Rights and Freedoms of Older People ‘Older people have the right to be treated with dignity and humanity and to be free to exercise personal self-determination.’ These adult entitlements should not be dependent upon health and personal circumstances, but are to be enjoyed, lifelong.

The South Australian Government has a positive view of growing older in our state. Prosperity Through Longevity: South Australia’s Ageing Plan, Our Vision 2014-2019 celebrates our state’s diversity as it sets out the benefits of longevity and the value of intergenerational cooperation.

Ageing also carries challenges. The abuse of older people by someone they know and trust is known as elder abuse. Many people are unsure what elder abuse is and whether it happens in their community. Unfortunately, it is found in every society and recognised as a problem around the world.

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