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28 Sep 2018

This report provides an independent assessment of the biological status of fish stocks and the economic status of fisheries managed, or jointly managed, by the Australian government (Commonwealth fisheries). It summarises the performance of these fisheries in 2017 and over time, against the requirements of...

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15 Jun 2018

The Department of Agriculture and Water Resources welcomes the opportunity to provide this background paper. The requested focus of this background paper is on key reforms (legislative, regulatory or policy developments) over the past ten years, and any anticipated reforms, relevant to farm finance issues....


29 Sep 2017

This report provide an independent evaluation of the biological and economic status of fish stocks managed solely or jointly by the Australian government.


30 Sep 2016

Fishery status reports provide an independent evaluation of the biological and economic status of fish stocks managed solely or jointly by the Australian Government.

This 21st edition of the Fishery status reports covers the biological status of 93 fish stocks across 22 fisheries, including...

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18 Dec 2018

This brief contains an overview of Australia’s commercial fisheries and aquaculture industries and six key aspects of Australian commercial fisheries and aquaculture including: industry structure, trends in production, trade, consumption, sustainability and innovation.

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13 Dec 2018

The Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences (ABARES) has developed this Snapshot to inform policy and decision makers about the workforce characteristics and diversity of people and communities that contribute to Australian agriculture.


21 Nov 2018

This paper explores the future of public sector agricultural forecasting in the context of the past evolution of ABARES work. It identifies a range of challenges and opportunities for people involved in public sector forecasting.


16 Nov 2018

This report provides a synthesis of management arrangements, catch and sustainability of sharks across Australia. This report is a commitment under the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation's International Plan of Action for the Conservation and Management of Sharks and Australia's National Plan of Action...


A survey of broadacre, dairy and vegetable farms
2 Nov 2018

This report outlines how information communications technology (ICT) is used in Australian agriculture. The report also identifies the key differences in adoption between agriculture sectors and between small and large farms.

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