Caroline Winter

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3 Jan 2018

There are calls for changes to the nation's building code to ensure homes are heat stress resistant in summer.

A study has found new 'energy efficient' homes can actually be less resistant to heat than older double-brick homes.

As a result, Australian's are...

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1 Nov 2017

Australian research is set to come under tougher assessment criteria, to ensure it delivers economic and social benefits.

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31 Oct 2017

A raft of aged care experts say the 'Carnell Report' has missed the point, and the focus needs to be on staffing ratios and training.

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7 Aug 2017

There are calls for more training for teachers to help them deal with problematic sexual behaviour in primary schools.

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10 Jul 2017

Islamic schools across Australia want to introduce a curriculum model which empowers students to become confident young Australian Muslims.

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13 Feb 2017

There are concerns that a campaign to scrap state-based renewable energy targets will seriously hinder investment opportunities in South Australia.

Liberal opposition parties in three states have proposed dumping the target and leaving it to the federal government to set renewable energy goals....

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31 Oct 2016

Medicos, experts and former gambling addicts say they have grave concerns about the closure of the Statewide Gambling Therapy Service in South Australia. The free service, successfully run from the Flinders Medical Centre for two decades, will shut at the end of the year, with...

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21 Oct 2016

A parliamentary inquiry into elder abuse is being established in South Australia, something the Council on the Ageing says is long overdue. A specialist lawyer in elder law says while the inquiry may address community attitudes and policy, the criminal justice system also needs to...

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3 Oct 2016

The roll back of the solar subsidy scheme starts today, with South Australian consumers the first to be impacted. By January, more than a quarter of a million early adopters of solar across three states will lose the lucrative bonus, and as a result, pay...

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