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Social impact bonds - a new keyword collection on APO

APO has a new collection of resources with a handy topic guide about Social impact bonds and a longer essay by Mike Steketee. This collection has been developed in partnership with Inside Story.

If you know of more resources we should include about this or any other topic please contribute directly here>.

These resources are available as a keyword collection which any registered user can build on APO.

Want to know how to feature your own issue?

Just register (at the top right hand corner) of APO then select 'tag this' on the right hand side of any resource page.  Add the same tag / keyword to all material that you would like to keep together. Your tag could mean something to you alone, to your team at work, or to the world at large. (NB we will moderate spam collections but leave any that seem reasonable).

When you have added keywords to a few items, click on the tag to see them in one place. The page will even have a URL that you can share with others.  If you would like to add an introduction or a longer topic guide to the keyword collection email it to editor@apo.org.au and we'll consider publishing it on the site.

Also let us know if you are actively tagging so that we can look out for material on that issue too.